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How Often are Strategy Performance and Positions Updated? (Includes Update Schedule)




Q: How often are the strategies updated?

A: We update all strategies every weekend.


Please don't confuse model update frequency with trading frequency. All Premium Strategy (subscription) pages, Strategy Profile (preview) pages, and performance data are updated each weekend, but the models do not trade every week.

Across all our strategies, trades occur in a range between two and 12 times per year, with an average of about 3.85 months between trades. Please see the statistics section of individual Strategy Profile Pages for details on trade frequency. Trades occur more often when there is a significant change in the trend of the market as the models automatically adjust for changing conditions.


The following chart provides our Content Update Schedule:


Weekly Update Schedule



You can view the updates to your strategy by noon on Sunday. Our correspondence related to your strategy, accompanied by our weekly 'Quick Look,' which highlights the most critical factors affecting markets in the coming week, goes out around midnight Sunday night.


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