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How to Make Sure You Receive Our Communications




Each weekend, usually sometime between late Sunday evening and before the market opens on Monday morning (Tuesday if Monday is a holiday), we send out an email notice that provides you with an update about changes to the positions in your strategy (if any), and a link to the latest, updated analysis ("Quick Look") of important factors that we expect will affect the market in the coming week.

To make sure you receive our e-mail notices about updates, info about your subscription, or other communications, please follow these steps:

1) Make sure we have your correct email address! Each week we receive back several emails that bounce back from the addresses provided by our customers. We often have no way to contact these individuals, and it can't be fixed. Make sure we have your correct address by logging into the Premium Section here: Across the top, there is a gray bar with several buttons. Click the one that says "Customer Profile." The second line in your profile is for your email address. Please make sure this information is correct. At the bottom of the page, click "Save Profile."

2) Add or "whitelist" our domain in your spam-detection software.

Whether you use Outlook, Norton, McAfee, Choicemail, Apple Mail, MacMail, AOL, or other email clients, the best way to get up-to-date instructions is to do a Google search for your program's name, accompanied by the words "whitelist instructions." Follow the directions that are most applicable, and set up our domain ( to work with the spam protection included in your email software. 


One of the best ways to ensure you will receive ALL our correspondence is to whitelist in your email program our domain using this format: * The asterisk serves as a 'wildcard,' so that you will receive ALL email sent from the ETFOptimize domain.

We usually send mail from "" However, 1) this may change in the future, and 2) on occasions where you are involved in a conversation with a staff member, information might be mailed to you from their unique address associated with the ETFOptimize domain (such as That's the reason setting up the * as a whitelisted prefix in our email address can come in handy.

However, some programs do not have a whitelist capability, and there is another approach for that: If – on the first Monday after you subscribe – you don't get mail from us overnight before the market's open, please look for our email in your 'Junk Mail' folder.  If found, be sure to right-click on it and mark it as, 'Not junk,' 'Not spam,' 'Move to the inbox,' or whatever the verbiage is in your program. 


If, after checking to see if the mail has gone to your spam or junk mail folders you still have not received mail from us, please contact us with a Support Ticket and we will investigate the issue:



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