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How Do I Learn If My Strategy has Changes to Its Holdings Each Week?




Q: How do I learn if my strategy has changes to its holdings each week? 

A: Please see the instructions and screen capture below for details.


For security reasons, we can no longer send recommended changes for holdings to each strategy's subscribers in our weekly update emails. Therefore, after you have received your weekly notice that the Strategy Updates are complete, be sure to review the first section of your model's Premium Page – which is clearly titled "HOLDINGS," and is the first section of every Premium Strategy Page.

Just below the 'HOLDINGS' heading is a box with a clear statement telling you whether or not there are any changes to the Holdings of your Premium Strategy for the current week.

If the text in this box says there are changes, then you should immediately look at the first table in the HOLDINGS Section, which is labeled, "Most Recent Changes" - showing new BUYS and new SELLS.

Here is an example of what the top of the HOLDINGS section looks like (click image to enlarge in a new window): 



Most Recent Changes to Holdings

Click to enlarge


If you have any questions on current holdings or any other issues, please contact us with a support ticket at We will respond within 24 hours, and usually sooner.


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