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How Do I Add a New Strategy to My Account?




Q: How Do I Add a New Strategy to My Account?

A: If you are currently a subscriber and wish to add another strategy, please follow these steps:

1) Log-in to your Member's Info Page from the Log-in link ('Subscriber LOG-IN') in the black menu bar near the top of any page of the site;

2) On your Member's Info Pagethere are 3-4 tabs near located across the top of the page (just under our logo and your Username). Click the second tab, labeled 'Add/Renew Subscription';

3) Select Monthly Subscription or Annual Subscription from the drop-down menu;

4) Tick the box next to the strategy(s) you would like to add; 

5) Near the bottom of the page, tick the box to indicate you agree to the Terms and Conditions, then click the button near the bottom that says, 'Next.'

6) On the following page, confirm you want to pay through PayPal, or you may choose the button to pay via a different credit card (this will set up a new PayPal account). 

After your transaction is complete, you can click the button to return to the site, and you will land on our Welcome page. Please read this page carefully and make sure you understand the instructions for attaining success with an ETFOptimize quantitative strategy subscription.

ACCESS: You can Log-In to your strategies as usual – with access to your new strategy added, by clicking the Subscriber LOG-IN link in the black Menu Bar across the top of any page of the site.

You should now see each of your strategies – including your new strategy – listed in the 'Active Subscriptions' section of the Member's Info Page.




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