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Where Can I Find the Current Positions for My Strategy?





Q: Where can I find the Current Holdings for my Strategy?


A:  Subscribers can easily see the Current Positions for any subscribed strategy by following these simple steps:

1) Log into your Premium Log-In page (, which is linkable from any page of the site from the black-bar menu across the top that says 'Premium LOG-IN/MENU.' Then click a link for your strategy listed in the 'Active Subscriptions' section (upper left side) of the Menu Page.

2) At the top of the next page – your Premium Strategy Page – it shows the DATE of the last update in red (example: "Sunday, March 10, 2019"). The Date lets you know when the information was last updated. Strategies are updated every weekend, usually overnight on Saturday and ready for viewing by noon on Sunday.

3) Just below the Date, there is a box with a statement telling you whether or not the holdings of your strategy have changed for the current week.

4) And below that rectangle is a heading that says 'CURRENT HOLDINGS.' The current holdings for your strategy's portfolio are listed here. All the additional information on the page is ancillary to this top section of information, which tells you immediately whether there is a trade for your strategy on Monday of the coming week, and what positions your strategy should be holding.

The graphic below visually shows you the location on the page all of these bits of critical information. You quickly learn the date of the update you are viewing, whether your strategy has any trades this week, and what positions your strategy should be holding after those trades are made:


(Click image to enlarge in a new window)

How to Find Current Holdings 








0-current-holdings-how-to-find.png 0-current-holdings-how-to-find.png

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