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Under Construction


ETFOptimize Knowledgebase Status

 We regularly add content to the ETFOptimize Knowledgebase, so you might say it is continuously Under Construction. However, we are currently (early-2019) in the process of identifying which question and answer pairs are most appropriate for the Knowledgebase section that we recently added, and this process can take a bit of time. 

All subscribers will receive an email notification when we feel the Knowledgebase is substantively complete and there are no other obvious additions. After that, Knowledgebase subjects will be added as the need arises.

We are also working on the next generation of ETFOptimize strategies, a project requiring 'all hands on deck,' and appropriately, is taking precedence over other tasks. So please bear with us – it will be worth the wait!

If you have a question or an idea for material that you believe would be appropriate to share with other investors in our Knowledgebase, we would appreciate you letting us know by submitting your question/idea in a Support Ticket:

Please mark the title of your ticket as "For Knowledgebase." While we can't guarantee that your content will be posted without modification, we can promise you that it will be given immediate and thorough attention.

Thank you!




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