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Strategy Performance Comparison Chart S&P 500 Conservative (SPY/TLT) Strategy NASDAQ Persistent Profits (QQQ/TLT) Strategy S&P 500 Bull/Bear Strategy Optimized Equity/Defensive (4 ETF) Strategy Adaptive EQUITY+ (2 ETF) Strategy

ETFOptimize Investment Strategy Suite

How to select a strategy that's right for you: The ETFOptimize Premium Strategies provide you with a nearly foolproof way to invest over the coming decades with dramatically reduced risk and exceptionally high returns. However, there is a significant, overriding factor that can determine your long-term investing success – and for this reason, the strategy you choose is crucial to your success. That's why we use a well-regarded measure of a strategy's... (to continue reading, click the link below).

S&P 500-Conservative: Non-Levered S&P 500 / Cash-Proxy (1-ETF)


Annualized Return: 14.%
Ann. Max Drawdown: -16.71%
Risk-Adjusted Return: 1.48
Average Hold Time: 14.9 months
Subscription:  $9/mo  or  $90/yr

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Our Most
Consistent Model

A conservative, S&P 500 (SPY) or Treasury (TLT) ETF provides consistent upside with low drawdowns...



Annualized Return: 28.02%
Ann. Max Drawdown: -8.5%
Risk-Adjusted Return: 2.66
Average Hold Time: 6.29 months
Subscription:  $19/mo or  $190/yr

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Persistently Profitable NASDAQ Premium Strategy

Rotating between the Nasadq 100 ETF (QQQ) and Fixed-Income ETF (TLT) to provide outstanding performance...

Asset Allocation-2-4:Equity/Fixed Income


Annual Return: 30%
Ann. Max Drawdown: -11%
Risk-Adjusted Return: 2.62
Average Hold Time: 5.31 months
Subscription: $24/mo or $240/yr

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Our Highest Risk-
Adjusted Return

This two-asset-class model combines the optimum 2 EQUITY ETF & 2 DEFENSIVE ETF COMBO

S&P 500 Bull/Bear (1 ETF) Strategy


Annual Return: 28.45%
Ann. Max Drawdown: -13.05%
Risk-Adjusted Return: 1.78
Average Hold Time: 2.06 months
Subscription: $19/mo or $190/yr

– 14-day FREE Trial –

Big Profits in BOTH Bull
and Bear Markets!

Rotates between one of five S&P 500-based ETF's or a cash-proxy ETF to generate exceptional returns 24/7...

Adaptive Equity+ Strategy

Adaptive EQUITY✚ (2 ETF) Strategy

Annual Return: 39% (3-year avg: 51%, 2019 AR: 69%)
Ann. Max Drawdown: -14.86%
Risk-Adjusted Return: 2.34
Average Hold Time: 1.66 months
Subscription: $29/mo or $290/yr

– 14-day FREE Trial –

Our Highest Annual Return!

Using standard and leveraged Equity ETFs, this strategy produces our highest returns...

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Systematically avoid market downturns to get exceptionally high performance from your investments!

The ETFOptimize Investment Strategies add a slight bit of trading activity (an average of just three trades per year) to passive, index-based Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) to optimize each Strategy's holdings for changes in economic and market conditions. Each of our models offers a unique approach, and each is designed to consistently anticipate stock-market directional changes... To continue reading, please click this button:



Avg. Annual Max Drawdown (AAMDD) presents the maximum drawdown for each year, July 1 to June 30, since inception and averaged across the years since the model's inception. This measure offers a better estimate of what a subscriber can expect for the model's worst drawdown in any given year – rather than a one-time, worst-case scenario in a single incident that may last a week or two and never repeats. However, for complete transparency, each strategy profile page also provides the strategy's one-time, worst-case-scenario Max Drawdown (MDD) in addition to the AAMDD.

For example, during the 2008-2009 Financial Crisis, the SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY) dropped by -56.78% over a nightmarish 17 months, recording the worst selloff since the Great Depression (80 years prior) and requiring more than five years for buy-and-hold investors to get back to even. During that time, the S&P 500 gained 0% – that's five long years when these investors had 'dead money,' while the market struggled to get back to where it started at its 2007 high.

Meanwhile, NONE of the ETFOptimize Systematic Investment Strategies lost money during the 2008-2009 selloff. During the subsequent recovery to the prior 2007 high and the S&P 500's break-even, the ETFOptimize models all at least doubled their principal, with an average performance of 263.4% during the same 5.5-year period when the market was getting back to breakeven (a return of 0% for 5.5 years).

Investors using the ETFOptimize Systematic Strategies can eliminate these devastating selloffs that can – at worst – wipe out an investor's life savings, and at best. Our approach turns the worst selloffs into profitable opportunities by switching to defensive or (for the S&P 500 Bull/Bear model) inverse positions. Our systematic models have an Average Annual Max Drawdown (AAMDD) since their inception of just -11.08%, which is a 20.28% improvement over the AAMDD of a buy-and-hold of the S&P 500 ETF (SPY) during the same span.

Risk-Adjusted Return is a measure based on the Sortino Ratio, which more accurately utilizes downside volatility as a proxy for an investment's risk than the Sharpe Ratio, which considers both upside and downside volatility for its calculation. After all, few investors ever complain about 'risk' when an investment is shooting sharply higher. See each strategy's Profile Page for further details on its Risk-Adjusted Return.

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