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Systematically avoid market downturns to get exceptionally high performance from your investments!

Performance: The ETFOptimize Investment Strategies utilize passive, index-based Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), but then add a slight bit of trading activity (an average of just three trades per year) to optimize a portfolio's holdings for changes in economic and market conditions. Each strategy is designed to consistently anticipate stock-market directional changes... (continue reading)


ETFOptimize Investment Strategy Suite

How to select a strategy that's right for you: The ETFOptimize strategies provide you with a nearly foolproof way to invest over the coming decades with dramatically reduced risk and exceptionally high returns. However, there is a significant, overriding factor that can determine your long-term investing success – and for this reason, the strategy you choose is crucial to your success. That's why we use a well-regarded measure of a strategy's... (to continue reading about strategy selection, click the link below).

S&P 500-Conservative: Non-Levered S&P 500 / Cash-Proxy (1-ETF)

S&P 500-Conservative: Complimentary S&P 500 / Cash (1-ETF) Strategy

Annual Return: 11.18%
Ann. Max Drawdown (AAMDD): -7.03%
Risk-Adjusted Return: 1.49
Annualized Alpha: 9.06%
Average Hold Time: 5.17 months
Subscription: $0 – FREEa 90-day Sample for investors inexperienced with our high-profit, low-drawdown investment strategies.     – Limited Availability –

A conservative, S&P 500 (SPY) or Cash Proxy (SHY) ETF provides consistent upside with low drawdowns...

Asset Allocation-2-2: Dynamically Levered S&P 500 / Fixed Income

S&P 500-EW PERSISTENT PROFITS (RSP/TLT) Strategy – No leveraged or inverse ETFs

Avg. Annual Return: 20%
Max Drawdown (AAMDD):-10.07%
Annualized Alpha: 13.39%
Risk-Adjusted Return: 1.66
Average Hold Time: 11.50 months
Subscription:  Just $9/mo
Conservative alternative with 20% annualized return and
Introductory subscription for just $9 per month.

Rotating between the S&P 500 EW ETF (RSP) and Fixed-Income ETF (TLT) to provide outstanding performance...

Asset Allocation-2-4:Equity/Fixed Income

ASSET ALLOCATION 2-4: Optimal Equity & Fixed Income (4 ETF) Combo Strategy

Annual Return: 24%
Ann. Max Drawdown (AAMDD): -11.28%
Annualized Alpha: 17.93%
Risk-Adjusted Return: 2.26
Average Hold Time: 5.31 months
Subscription: $19/mo
Highest Risk-Adjusted Return

This two-asset-class model combines our optimum Equity & Fixed-Income ETFs in a 4-ETF money-machine.

S&P 500 Bull/Bear (1 ETF) Strategy

S&P 500 BULL/BEAR: Dynamically Leveraged Rotation (Long/Short 1 ETF) Strategy

Annual Return: 30.45%
Max Drawdown (AAMDD): -13.05%
Annualized Alpha: 22.54%
Risk-Adjusted Return: 1.35
Average Hold Time: 2.21 months
Subscription: $19/mo
Big profits during all markets

Rotates between one of five S&P 500-based ETF's or a cash-proxy ETF to generate exceptional returns 24/7...

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NOTE: "Annual Annual Max Drawdown" (AAMDD) is the maximum drawdown for each year since inception, July 1 to June 30 each year, averaged across the number of years since the model's inception. This measure offers a better estimate of what a subscriber can expect for the model's worst drawdown in any given year – rather than an unusual, worst-case scenario in a single incident that may last a week or two and never repeats. For complete transparency, each strategy profile page also provides the strategy's one-time MDD in addition to the AAMDD.

For example, in 2008-2009, the SPDR S&P 500 ETF dropped by -56% over 18 months, recording the worst selloff since the Great Depression (75 years prior) and requiring more than five years for buy-and-hold investors to get back to even. Meanwhile, none of our systematic investment strategies lost a penny. Instead, they all at least doubled their principal, and the average performance was a 300% return in that time. Meanwhile, the S&P 500 gained 0% – that's five long years when investors had 'dead money,' and were struggling to get back to break-even.

Investors using the ETFOptimize Quantitative Strategies can virtually eliminate those devastating selloffs – and most of a strategies turn those events into profit-making opportunities. Our models have an Average Annual Max Drawdown (AAMDD) since inception of just -11.07%, which is a 20.46% improvement over the AAMDD of a buy-and-hold of the S&P 500 ETF (SPY).

The Risk-Adjusted Return notation is based on the Sortino Ratio, which more accurately utilizes downside volatility as a proxy for an investment's risk. Few investors ever complain about upside performance being risky. See each strategy's Profile Page for further information.

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