Introduction to ETFOptimize

Introduction to Rules-based Investing

Introduction to Rules-based ETF Investing


Now you can take advantage of an honest-to-goodness breakthrough in the world of investing – a legitimate paradigm shift, made possible by the application of modern technological resources to the challenges of noisy, volatile financial markets. Combining decades of experience in investment-strategy design with today's advanced programming capabilities, since 1998 we have provided investors with highly profitable, consistently robust investment strategies. Each week our sophisticated ETF-rotation models combine the systematic analysis of more than two-dozen proven financial market 'tells' with multiple, state-of-the-art econometric and asset-specific databases to create smooth, high-return investment performance through any kind of market environment – bullish, bearish, or sideways and volatile. Whatever drama is occuring in the market is irrelevant, our strategies consistently produce profits month after month, year after year.

The returns for our suite of strategies range from 15% to 65% compound growth per year with 100% of all years profitable for each of our strategies. On average, drawdowns are reduced to less than about 1/4th of what occurs in the overall market and risk-adjusted returns are consistently off-the-charts, with an average Sharpe ratio of 1.51 and average Sortino ratio of 2.22. When a deep selloff or bear market begins, our trading systems detect the change in conditions early and have already rotated into the optimum defensive position, thereby turning the tables and transforming every market downturn into an opportunity for extraordinary profits.


The ongoing transfer of nearly $40 Billion per month into passive ETFs has created demand for higher-performance, ETF-based investment strategies. Many investors are discovering that there is now a Strategic-Rotation Approach to passive, index-based ETF investing that oversees the selection, enhances the timing, and provides much higher returns at much lower risk that simply buying-and-holding a selection of passive ETFs. ETF-based Strategies that add a slight bit of activity (our trades occur just 2-6 times per year) deliver better returns than indices, but with less risk and very little trading activity.

ETFOptimize has constructed a growing suite of quantitative investment strategies that make exclusive use of passive, index-based Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). By rotating into the optimum ETF at the optimum time, our strategies turn market downturns or selloffs into profitable opportunities instead of potential calamities, reduce the systemic risk in the market, dramatically increase returns, and help investors achieve their financial goals without having to worry about a distaster like the Financial Crisis of 2008-2009 uppending their retirement plans.

Each week, our suite of ETF Investment Strategies automatically assess more than a dozen variations in macroeconomic and market-internal conditions to determine which ETF will have market leadership in the next few months. Our models utilize sophisticated algorithms that automatically analyze a broad spectrum of financial and economic data series to make high-probability, systematic decisions about the optimum ETF to hold at any given time. We never second-guess these carefully crafted systems with our 'professional opinion,' which is the primary reason that fund managers have an embarrassing history of poor performance. Our sophisticated financial technology and state-of-the-art databases make other ETF-investment strategies, typically based on simple momentum harvesting approaches, look like archaic dinosaurs from a distant past.

We know of no other provider using comprehensive marcoeconomic signals, as well as internal market breadth, revenue growth, profitability, and many other aspects of the various sectors and industies that comprise market indices to determine the most effective and profitable choice of ETF to hold at any given time. This is truly a breakthrough in the investment industry that will change everything.

Our quantitative, weekly assessment of conditions selects the optimum ETF asset to hold at any given time while meeting each particular strategy's total return, risk-tolerance, and trading-activity objectives. Transactions take place infrequently, with an average of two to seven months between trades. ETFOptimize adds just the right amount of systematic activity to turn passive, index-based ETF portfolios into powerful performance machines that produce returns that are as much is 10-fold better than a buy-and-hold approach using those same ETFs.


We make it simple and easy for you to make profits. Why would an investor spend time incessantly seeking the slightest edge to try and beat the market with individual stocks, when they can sit back, relax and await our signals – while getting much higher returns with much lower drawdowns in the process? By rotating just a few ETFs a year with two-to-seven months between trades, our subscribers are getting returns that are, on average, more than TRIPLE the market's return.

Your low-cost, ETFOptimize premium strategy subscription will provide you with detailed weekly updates that show precisely the performance your strategy is achieving, combined with clear trade signals with the details of which ETFs to buy and sell and when to make your trades to attain the highest returns from each trade. Learn how you can turn $10k into more than $300 million using our strategies!


The returns for our strategies range from 15% to 62% compounded growth per year with 100% of all years profitable (57 of 57 total years). On average, drawdowns are reduced to less than 1/3rd of what the overall market experiences when there is a severe market downturn. When a deep selloff or bear market begins, our systems have already rotated into the optimum defensive or inverse ETF, thereby turning the tables and transforming every market downturn into an opportunity to add profits.

ETFOptimize Investment Strategy Suite
Our ETF-rotation strategies produce an exceptional performance with minimal drawdowns. See all strategies.

As an example of how well our strategies profit during downturns, our Asset Allocation: Dynamically Leveraged S&P 500 and Fixed Income (2-ETF) Strategy (shown to the right) has never had a losing year and outperfromed the market by 48.70% during 2008 (the worst year of the Financial Crisis). Notice the strategy's steady climb higher (red line) without a significant profit-destroying drawdown, resulting in a total return that is more than 600% greater than the S&P 500's performance (blue line). During that time, the strategy turned every $100k invested into more than $1.1 million. This Strategy is just one example of the many choices in our suite of high-performance ETF Investment Strategies, ensuring there's an approach that is perfect for your wealth-building objectives.


Our model strategies are exceptionally easy to use for non-professional investors or independent investment advisors because they hold just 1-2 positions at a time and don't rely on the rapid churning of trades to generate their outstanding performance. While each portfolio is updated and signals are automatically assessed each week to rapidly respond to changes in conditions, rotation of the ETF(s) held in the portfolios occur with an average of 2 to 7.3 months between trades (depending on the strategy). Each approach uses ETFs that are pre-screened for issuer stability and liquidity, allowing them to accommodate any size of transaction or any size portfolio.


Each of our low-cost, ETF-based investment strategies include clear Trade Signals sent to subscribers a day prior, whenever a strategy has a new transaction, including detailed buy/sell instructions and a profile of the ETF(s) being purchased. Subscribers also receive weekly Strategy Updates including comprehensive performance statistics and historical trade details, and our Optimum Market Profits© report, all published on a weekly basis.

ETFOptimize subscribers receive this entire package for just $19.95 per month. We don't try to soak you with big upfront fees or high monthly charges. We earn our living by by providing our customers with innovative and highly effective investment strategies – and through the success of those strategies we're rewarded with decades of customer loyalty. Our marketing approach is not to spend millions of dollars on advertising, but to build enormous army of enthusiastic customer-advocates that promote our services through grassroots word-of-mouth referral. As a result, our overhead costs are exceptionally low and we pass that savings on to you.


Every strategy subscription is backed by a Two-Month, 100% Money-Back Guarantee that you'll be thrilled with the results you get. This is an iron-clan assurance that you can try any of the ETFOptimize investment strategies risk-free and discover just how well they perform in real time. Unlike expensive investment advisories and mutual funds that never meet your expectations, once you witness the outstanding growth of your principle, we think you'll be convinced to keep your inexpensive ETFOptimize subscription for many decades to come.  Learn more about our high-performance, turnkey ETF strategies...


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