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The staff of ETFOptimize has used the following resources for many years – in some cases more than 20 years – and can confidently recommend these services and websites to the people who are most important to us; our clients and customers. In a few cases, we may earn a commission from the referral.




Investors Intelligence

Founded in the early 1940s, for more than seven decades Investor's Intelligence has been a highly regarded source for analysis of market-internals, market timing, sector strength, investment trends, advisor sentiment, and many more key investment data sets. The world's top investment professionals have long relied on Investor's Intelligence' superb data presentation and accurate, quality analysis to inform their investment choices. The Investor's Intelligence website provides a robust selection of resources not just for stock and bond investors – but also for ETF, currency, and commodity investors.

ETFOptimize uses the Advisor Sentiment information and other data provided by Investor's Intelligence to populate custom data sets that are used by the algorithms in several of our high-performance strategies. We have a reciprocal relationship with Investor's Intelligence, and ETFOptimize users can get a free, 30-day trial subscription to two of Investor's Intelligence most popular services – the 1) "Advisor's Sentiment" weekly publication and the 2) "US Stocks Service."

To learn more details and take advantage of this Free Offer, select the Investor's Intelligence product in which you are interested from the individual links below:

'Advisor's Sentiment' Subscription:

Every Wednesday morning since the 1960s, investors across the globe rush to view the latest I.I. Advisor's Sentiment analysis, which offers unique insights into the collective Bullish, Bearish, or Correction sentiment of hundreds of premier investment advisors (including ETFOptimize). The work of reading and assessing all this content provides you with a valuable summary of how investment advisors – as a group – see current and near-term market conditions – and what they are recommending to millions of their paying subscribers.

As a subscriber to the Advisor's Sentiment data, each week the fine folks at Investor's Intelligence will provide you with a sampling of outtakes from a variety of premium investment publications, each categorized into bullish, bearish, or correction camps.

Smart approach: Employ a contrarian methodology to the Advisor Sentiment data (not available anywhere else) to assist you in making key investment decisions, such as identifying when risk has increased to dangerous levels (with too many bullish advisors above a particular critical level we'll tell you about) or when the market is offering a very robust opportunity for profit (overly bearish sentiment from advisors following a selloff). — Access Advisor's Sentiment


US Stocks Service Subscription:

The US Stocks Service provides a complete pre-market analysis of the US stock market (including ETFs and ADRs) – with actionable trading ideas and entry, stop and limit targets, accompanied by the pertinent charts. Investor's Intelligence also provides several successful model portfolios to keep track of each position. — Access US Stocks Service




Portfolio123 is the top, long-running, investment-strategy research/design, and portfolio management website providing an unprecedented level of sophistication at a relatively low monthly cost. ETFOptimize primarily uses Portfolio123 to design, configure, and maintain each of our high-performance, ETF-based investment strategies. However, we also use other websites to supplement the P123 data/decisions. For Bespoke Strategy Clients, we can also port your custom strategy to most popular trading/investment platforms.

After a decade of building investment strategies on other platforms that were far less capable, in 2004 we began using Portfolio123 for all of our quantitative system construction and management. That means we have many years of experience on the platform and can attest to its exceptional capabilities. If you are interested in building your own investment strategies and do not have advanced programming skills to code your ideas in R, Python, or another programming language, then Portfolio123 is likely the site for you. 

One of the most critical determinants of the effectiveness of your strategy after you begin to use it with live money is the quality of the data. Portfolio123 uses the highest-quality, point-in-time data, provided by S&P Global Market Intelligence, Compustat, S&P Capital IQ Estimates, ICE Data, LLP, and IEX.

Point-in-time data provides you with a snapshot of the stocks that existed at a particular time and all of their fundamental data at that time. This eliminates survivability bias, and ensures that you are not working with data that has been revised, thereby duplicating actual conditions at the time of a purchase or sale. This is essential for the creation of an accurate investment strategy.

Visit the Portfolio123 site to discover the exceptional capabilities that are available to sophisticated investors at a reasonable monthly subscription cost. Click here to use P123...

Widely recognized as being the world's premier investment-charting website, is packed with all the features an expert chartist could desire. But no one should feel left out; the site's proprietors also make charting easy for investors who are just getting started. features its famous Chart School that is flush with articles to provide everyone from beginner to pro with the detailed information they are looking for (including the formulas for every indicator you can imagine), dozens of Free Blog Articles daily, a plethora of Free Technical Analysis Tools for you to try, and their new feature, StockCharts TV. If you have a need related to creating a technical chart, is the site we recommend...

Financial Visualizations (aka has provided – on a single page – all the core information you could desire about any particular stock.  FinViz offers you – all on one page – your choice of daily, weekly, or monthly technical chart views, accompanied by 144 items of fundamental and technical data, including Market Cap, Sales, Income, Cash/share, Dividend %, PE ratio, Price/Sales ratio, Debt/Equity, EPS (TTM) EPS (Next Year), Sales Q/Q, ROA, ROE, ROI, Gross Margin, Short ratio, Avg. Volume, Performance Week, Perf Month, Average True Range... Well, you get the idea...Then, FinViz also provides you with each company's related News Headlines (w/links) for the last six months and all Insider Trading details for the past year. All you could want in a single page – Visit FinViz...


Seeking Alpha is the world's only website for true crowd-sourced investment information. Each day, hundreds of individuals with something to say about a stock, the market, or a particular investment approach submit articles to the Seeking Alpha platform. Each report is reviewed by the SA editors for appropriateness and to ensure the articles meet specific guidelines for format and tone. The result is a rainbow of valuable investment opinions from a wide range of individuals – everything from big-name experts with many decades of experience to the weekend warrior with a best-effort analysis of their preferred equity. This variety makes Seeking Alpha a worthwhile regular source of information for investors.

In 2018, ETFOptimize began publishing articles on the Seeking Alpha platform!

Estimize provides fundamental corporate, earnings, and economic estimates – crowdsourced from tens of thousands of buy side, hedge fund, brokerage, independent and amateur analysts. The result of tens of thousands of samples from a wide spectrum of individuals makes Estimize data consistently the most accurate in the financial industry.


More coming soon...

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