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Quick-Look Reports are our weekly Research and Analysis of current conditions and expectations for the coming week. Quick Look Reports are ONLY available for Premium Strategy Subscribers. However, from time-to-time, we make sample Quick Look Reports available to the public in this location. Premium subscribers should log-in to the Member's area to access the current and all prior Quick Look Reports.

Quick Look
Before the markets open each week, ETFOptimize Strategy Subscribers receive our 'Quick Look' analysis of the most critical macroeconomic factors, stock fundamentals, technical signals, and news that we expect to affect investment markets in the week ahead.


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Subscribe to a Premium Strategy today to get instant access upon posting to our Quick-Look Reports insightful market analysis and signal interpretation for what's ahead. The articles linked below are samples (published on a delayed, irregular basis) of our Premium Quick Look Report, published for Premium Strategy subscribers and Professional Clients each week. To get immediate access to all ETFOptimize content immediately upon posting, sign up for any of our Premium Strategies – starting at just $9 for our S&P 500 Conservative Strategy.

All market analysis published on ETFOptimize reflects our interpretation of the signals our various proprietary indicators. Keep in mind that our interpretations should not be used as trading signals themselves. The articles are provided to help you understand changing market conditions and the reason why our models are selecting the ETFs they do. The ETFOptimize Strategies provide investors with a turnkey investment system that needs no additional outside input, and we strongly recommend that you follow the trades recommended by your model – to the letter.





Publication Date
  Volatility Adds to a Landslide of Bearish Indicators Latest! March 14, 2022
  Will a Ukrainian Invasion Tank the Market? February 21, 2022
  Brick Wall of Resistance Hovers Just Above May 12, 2020
  Historic Decline Not Yet Complete March 29, 2020
  The Market is Now Overextended - With No Sign of Slowdown December 30, 2019
  These Approaches Smoked the Market in 2019 December 22, 2019
  Will Stocks Continue Their Relentless Climb? December 9, 2019
  Investors: Prepare for Liftoff! October 28, 2019
  Stocks Break Out Into… a Ceiling?  September 20, 2019
  Are We Seeing the Start of a Market Crash? (Nope…) August 4, 2019
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