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The ETFOptimize Insights articles provide our Premium Strategy subscribers with a detailed analysis of the dozens of algorithmic indicators we utilize in our models. We feature an indicator when one has a significant change or its signal is critical to understanding unusual movements of the market.

Our rules-based investment strategies rely on composites of multiple indicators that provide a diversified set of Risk Signals optimized for each model's defined focus. These Risk Signals determine when a strategy should reduce exposure to market volatility and move to defensive positions or a cash-proxy ETF. Sophisticated ranking systems select the optimum ETF for conditions. The result is exceptionally smooth performance with Risk-Adjusted Returns attaining highs of 2.50 to 3.00 or more over spans of 13-20 years.

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Market at a Critical Inflection Point  ⬅ Most Recent
Featured Indicator: $MRS02–Corporate AAA/BBB Yield Differential


September 14, 2020

Bear Ready to Draw Blood
Featured Indicators: $MRS01–Unemployment Signal,
$FRS01–SP500-Progressive Blend Earnings Composite
$MRS02–Corporate AAA/BBB Yield Differential

May 1, 2020

Key Recession Indicator Says: "Not Yet"
Featured Indicator: $MRS01–Unemployment Signal

November 5, 2019

Critical Indicator Gives Bullish Signal
Featured Indicators: Buying Opportunity Indicator

November 25, 2018

The Coming Earnings Slowdown (Not!)
Featured Indicators: $FRS01–SP500-Progressive Blend Earnings Composite

November 11, 2018

Are We On the Cusp of a Bear Market?
Featured Indicators: $Market Regime Score

March 29, 2018
Typical Correction – or Something More? February 14, 2018

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