Site Updates / Improvements

This table provides a list of updates and improvements implemented
since the launch of the website in March 2018

SITE UPDATES   Surprise! New and improved stuff!

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May 20, 2019

Our Historical Use of Friday's Prices as a Placeholder for One Week

When a new trade is recommended by a model at the Sunday update, ETFOptimize has historically used Friday's prices as 'placeholders'
going into the following week. There is really no other reasonable price that is available.  However, by leaving Friday's price in place until
the following week's update, we found that some subscribers were confused by this practice and incorrectly assumed that we still use Friday's
price as the permanent entry or exit price on the positions. However, the price for new transactions has always been updated at the following
week's update to a value that is an average between the high, low, and close on Monday (or Tuesday if Monday is a market holiday).

Updates of Average Mid-Day Price After Monday's Market Close

Going forward, for each model that has trades recommended over the weekend with transactions on Monday, we will update the prices
on the trades in that model to show an estimate of the average, middle-of-the-day Monday price. We will not be updating all associated charts,
statistics, and other data – but will focus on updating the average fill price, which is derived from an academic study that
determined the most accurate formula to estimate a middle-of-the-day fill for entries or exists on ETF trades: 

(HIGH + LOW + (2 x CLOSE)) ÷ 4

This formula is derived from academic studies that show it provides an accurate estimate of the average price ETF investors attain
at mid-day on Monday. Notice that the closing price is more heavily weighted (1/2 of total – while the High and Low each constitute 1/4),
and this is because by mid-day, prices tend to have already migrated toward their final price at the close of trading for the day.

TIMING:  At present, the pricing data for each market session is not update on our data provider's website until after 10:30 PM on Monday,
so the update of ETFOptimize will not be completed until around midnight each Monday (Tuesday, if Monday is a holiday).
We may be able to move up this update at some point int he future, and will notify subscribers here when that improvement is complete.

June 2019

Automated Strategy Presentation Pages - Coming Soon

Since our launch, ETFOptimize has used weekly screen captures from our strategy platform to present the all performance data,
statistics, position information, historical transactions, and performance charts when we update each of our model
High-Performance Strategies. However, that's nearly 100 screen captures each weekend and
as many as 25 more on Monday when we update the prices (see above). This weekly process is very time-consuming,
and while we work diligently to avoid it, there is always the possibility that the element of human error entering the picture.

Therefore, we have started the process of developing automated Strategy Presentation pages for both the Profile (preview) and
Premium (subscriber) sections of the site, with data provided by a highly regarded, independent third party. This involved undertaking will
require some time to complete, but we will let you know when the pages are finished and look forward to
receiving feedback from our subscribers!

Please be aware that over the course of the coming month or so, the strategy pages may sometimes be in flux. You may occassionally
and temporarily see an incorrect chart or table as we revise and rebuild these pages. However, they should always be as accurate as
we can make them at the time of the Strategy update (Sunday) and the trades (Monday). If you find an incorrect table or data on Sunday or
Monday, please let us know so we can check it out, and if appropriate – correct the information ASAP. Thank you.

April 10, 2019

KnowledgeBase / FAQ

We are building out the entries in our KnowledgeBase / FAQ material in the ETFOptimize Support section.
The Knowledgebase subjects are based on questions posed by subscribers and other users for which the
answers are not immediately apparent. If you have an question and cannot find an answer, please
let us know using a Support Ticket. We'll respond the same day and and we may use your question as the basis
for a new KnowledgeBase article!  Access: KnowledgeBase / FAQ


March 24, 2019

Subscriber Notifications/Announcements

We added a Notification / Announcement capability that is featured at the top of the Premium
Subscribers Menu page, the new announcements will allow us to keep subscribers abreast of when
the Premium Strategy updates are completed each Sunday, announce the posting of new 'Inside Secrets of Investing'
Blog articles and 'ETFOptimize Insights – Proprietary Indicator' articles, announce new strategy and feature additions,
and post info about any other matters about which subscribers need to be aware.
Subscriber's Announcement Feature

March 17, 2019

Accepting Subscribers for New "S&P500 Persistent Profits" Strategy

We added an exciting, new strategy, the 'S&P 500-EW Persistent Profits (RSP/TLT) Strategy' to our lineup.
This strategy fills a gap in our strategy-lineup, because it doesn't use leveraged ETFs or inverse ETFs,
  has an average annual Maximum Drawdown of just -10.07%. Yet the strategy produces an
annualized return approximately 20% per year – in a clockwork-like fashion!

Introductory price: just $9!
Please check out this new model today – subscription availability is limited!

S&P 500-EW Persistent Profits (RSP/TLT) Strategy


February 8, 2019

'Quick Look' Reports for Subscribers

When there is something significant ahead of the coming week that could affect our ETFs, will publish a new
'Quick Look' Report
– for subscribers!  These articles are executive-summary-style assessments
of the economic, market fundamental, or technical factors that are likely to be a significant
determinant of stock and bond prices in the week ahead. For Premium Strategy Subscribers only.

'Quick Look' weekly reports



Dec. 18, 2018

Annual Subscription Plans - now Available!

We added an Annual Billing option to compliment the monthly option, providing subscribers with two months free and an
additional 17% discount on ETFOptimize' already low-priced monthly subscription options. Take advantage of the incredibly
low price on these models. And check out our few competitors – you'll see our prices are about HALF
while, in many cases, giving you DOUBLE the performance.

Info/Access: Annual Subscription Plans


Sept. 15, 2018

Complimentary S&P 500 Conservative Strategy – FREE for 90-Day Trial!

We added the S&P 500 Conservative Strategy! This strategy uses no leveraged positions
and is available as a FREE, 90-day trial for investors not sure if quantitative
ETF investing is right for them. Don't delay, we are only offering a limited number!

S&P 500 Conservative (SPY/SHY) Strategy



July 14, 2018

Added Detail in Strategy Profile Pages

Strategy Profile Pages now have added detail to provide potential subscribers with all the information they might need.
Also, all data and charts in the Strategy Profile Pages are now also refreshed with the latest Information
whenever the Premium Subscription Strategy version is updated each weekend. Therefore, information in the strategy
Profile (preview) pages are alwaysup-to-date with the latest performance statistics and other details a new subscriber will see in the
Premium strategy pages. 

Info/Access: Strategy Profile pages



April 6, 2018

Site-Search Function Added

We added a site-wide Seach function, powered by Google, with a dedicated webpage that offers
detailed listings and advanced settings that allow you to refine your search.

Site Search


*If you have any suggestions on how we might improve on, please let us know and we'll research your suggestion.