Site Updates / Improvements

The list of updates and improvements made since the launch of the new site in March 2018

SITE UPDATES   Surprise! New and improved stuff!

If you have a recommendation for an improvement to the site, or an added feature you would like to see, please let us know.

Date Description Location/Link

December 18, 2018


Addition of Annual Billing option, with two months free (~17% discount)

Annual Subscription Plans


Sept. 15, 2018 We added the S&P 500 Conservative Strategy!
This non-leveraged strategy is available as a FREE trial for investors not sure if quantitative ETF
investing is right for them. Don't delay, we are only offering a limited number!
See S&P 500 Conservative Strategy details
July 14, 2018

Strategy Profile Pages now have added detail. Also, data and charts in the Strategy Profile
pages are now refreshed whenever the Premium (paid) Strategy version is
updated each weekend. This way, the information in the profiles is always up-to-date.

Asset Allocation 2-2 Strategy
Asset Allocation 2-4 Strategy
Adaptive Equity Rotation Strategy
S&P 500 Bull/Bear Strategy

April 6, 2018

Added site-wide Seach function, with a dedicated webpage

Site Search