Site Updates / Improvements

A running list of updates and improvements made since the launch of our
new website and investment strategy lineup in March 2018

SITE UPDATES   Surprise! New and improved stuff!

If you have a recommendation for improvement or feature that you would like to see art of ETFOptimize, please let us know.

Date Description  
March 24, 2019 Added an Announcement capability thst is featured at the top of the Premium
Subscribers Menu page, the new announcements will allow us to keep subscribers abreast of when
the Premium Strategy updates are completed each Sunday, announce the posting of new 'Inside Secrets of Investing'
Blog articles and 'ETFOptimize Insights – Proprietary Indicator' articles, announce new strategy and feature additions,
and post info about any other matters about which subscribers should be made aware.
Info/Access: Subscriber's Menu Announcement Feature

March 17, 2019 We added an exciting, new strategy, the 'S&P 500-EW Persistent Profits
(RSP/TLT) Strategy
' to our lineup. This strategy fills a gap on the more conservative
end of the performance scale, providing a non-leveraged and non-inverse systematic investment model
  with an average annual Maximum Drawdown of just -10.07%. Yet the strategy produces an an
annualized return of more than 20% per year, on average, in a clock-work fashion. Introductory price: just $9!
Info/Access: S&P 500-EW Persistent Profits (RSP/TLT) Strategy

February 8, 2019 We added the new 'Quick Look' reports – a weekly, executive-summary-style assessment
of the economic, market fundamental, or technical factors that are likely to be a significant
determinant stock and bond prices in the week ahead. For Premium Strategy Subscribers only.
Info/Access: 'Quick Look' weekly reports

December 18, 2018


Added an Annual Billing option, with two months free and an additional 17% discount
on ETFOptimize' already low-priced subscription options!
Info/Access: Annual Subscription Plans


November 18, 2018 Effective November 18, 2018, we will no longer be alerting subscribers when there is a
rebalance of the weights in our model strategies that hold multiple ETFs. The reason
is that some subscribers were getting confused and making trades even if their model's postions
were not out of balance and in need of re-weighting each ETF. However,
we will continue to document these adjustments in the 'Transactions' section of each model.

Sept. 15, 2018 We added the S&P 500 Conservative Strategy! This strategy uses no leveraged positions
and is available as a FREE, 90-day trial for investors not sure if quantitative
ETF investing is right for them. Don't delay, we are only offering a limited number!
Info/Access: S&P 500 Conservative (SPY/SHY) Strategy

July 14, 2018

Strategy Profile Pages now have added detail. Also, all data and charts in the Strategy Profile
Pages are now also refreshed with the latest Information whenever the Premium Subscription Strategy
version is updated each weekend. Therefore, information in the strategy Profile (preview) pages are always
up-to-date with the latest performance statistics and other details a new subscriber will see in the
Premium strategy pages.
Info/Access: Strategy Profile pages


April 6, 2018

Added site-wide Seach function, powered by Google, with a dedicated webpage.
Info/Access: Site Search