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The 'ETFOptimize Investment Analysis' section is packed with actionable educational resources focused on quantitative investing, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), and market analysis.   We hope you come to think this section of ETFOptimize as your 'go-to' educational resource for systematic investing using Exchange Traded Funds. The 'ETFOptimize Investment Analysis' section is your source for access to state-of-the-art, ETF-based research and analysis, including:

The ETFOptimize Investment Analysis section includes a comprehensive selection of educational and industry resources – with systematic, ETF-based investing consistently at its core. The ETFOptimize Investment Analysis section receives regular additions of fresh, in-depth original research, white papers, weekly-updated Qucik-look reports, a new 'ETF Insights' market analysis whenever there is a new signal, actionable 'Inside Secrets of Investing' blog posts, and information about upcoming conferences related to Exchange Traded Funds, Systematic Investing, and other pertinent events.

The objective of the 'ETF Investment Analysis,' whenever possible, is to turn raw information into actionable investment performance or our subscriebrs. Contributors will include the well-seasoned staff of ETFOptimize – as well as select outside professionals by invitation – writing in subject areas where they have extensive expertise. We will invite specialists in various investment niches to compose articles for publication, as well as welcome contributions from qualified and experienced professionals from far-flung outposts of the investment world. Rest assured that we will always keep the ETFOptimize Analysis free of hyperbolic storytelling and product-hustling. Instead, the content will provide practical, educational resources always focused on enhancing your investment results.

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Quick Look report  

'Quick Look' Weekly Report

  Accessible by Premium Strategy subscribers only

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The Quick Look report is our 'Executive Summary' of the most critical factors affecting investment markets in the week ahead.
  The reports are issued weekly and accompanying our strategy update emails that are sent to Premium Strategy subscribers every Sunday evening. These concise, straight-to-the-point articles keep our subscribers informed about the economic reports, Fed announcements, market fundamentals, technical levels, or surprise developments that will have a dominant effect on equity and fixed income markets in the week ahead.

The Quick Look Report is available only to Premium Strategy subscribers. However, if you've never had a subscription, you will be considered a Premium Strategy subscriber if you sign up for our 90-day, complimentary (S&P 500 Conservative) strategy at no cost and no obligation (no credit card is required). Or even better – get started with a higher-return, Premium Strategy that produces an annual performance that is at least double the return of the sample Conservative strategy.

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ETFOptimize Insights  

'Insights - Analysis of Proprietary Quantitative Indicators

'Insights' provides investors with our unique, data-driven market analysis based on our proprietary, quantitative indicators, and is designed to offer perspective, generate ideas, and keep you informed about what to expect from the investment markets. 'Insights' examines the signals being generated by our proprietary indicators, which determine exposure to the market and ETF selection for our Premium Investment Strategies.

At this time, Insights is published intermittently – on an as-needed basis, and in the future will be available as either a monthly or biweekly feature. About one week after their original publication for ETFOptimize Premium Strategy subscribers, we make past issues of Insights available to the public.

Our Difference: Insights is distinctive from other market reports because its analysis is 100% data-driven, devoid of subjective opinion and offering an examination of changes in trends of the economy, fundamental market ratios, breadth analysis, technical signals, and other pivotal data points that drive investment performance.

This data-driven approach gives Insights a distinctly objective perspective, which sets it apart from the vast majority of investment analyst's recommendations that are commonly based on pure speculation, with a consistent upward bias with talking points that often serve as sales tools for the the firm's brokerage department and/or intended to boost the firm's investment banking clients. For this reason, much of the market analysis that's available to investors tends to be prejudiced towards bullish forecasts to support the company's sell-side brokerage division.

ETFOptimize provides you with independent documentation of market-related facts, free from any partiality. The only bias we have is toward helping you make more alpha than you can make elsewhere – in an easy-to-understand, straightforward way – because that's the reason you will continue to offer us your business.

Paid subscribers to any of our high-performance ETF strategies get the latest issue of Insights when it is released. Readers who are not yet subscribers can view the reports 1-2 weeks after their original publication, which is still current enough to make each issue of ETFOptimize Insights highly valuable reading. To see this data the moment it is released, please subscribe to one of our high-performance ETF-based strategies or join with our complimentary, 90-day sample strategy.

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ETF Investment Strategy Blog  

'Inside Secrets of Investing' Blog

Providing you with actionable, ETF-oriented, market-based analysis, research, and educational articles.
The 'Inside Secrets of Investing' blog features a wide variety of resources, from equity, fixed income, and sector analysis, to macroeconomic and fundamental analysis, ETF-related subjects, evergreen articles, and insider tips for successful investing.

Visit our blog for accessible articles written for the average investor and covering the subjects of Exchange Traded Funds, quantitative investing, innovative investment approaches, industry developments, the US and world economy, changes in trends that affect your investments, and an array of interesting, insightful articles on a variety of fascinating subjects.

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Recommended Resources  

ETFOptimize Recommended Resources

We have vetted these well-established resources for many years and can vouch for their high level of quality, expertise, and accuracy – which is demanded by discerning and informed investors. These listings provide the URL address and other appropriate contact information for companies, websites, advisors, and experts whom we can wholeheartedly recommend to our clients and customers based on positive, professional experience.

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Industry Conferences and other Events  

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