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The 'ETFOptimize Investment Analysis' section is packed with actionable educational resources focused on quantitative investing, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), and market analysis. We hope you come to think this section of ETFOptimize as your 'go-to' educational resource for systematic investing using Exchange Traded Funds.

The ETFOptimize Investment Analysis section features fresh, in-depth original research, with a new 'ETF Insights' market analysis whenever there is a crucial new signal from our indicators that provides critical insights about the market or economy. We also publish actionable 'Inside Secrets of Investing' Blog posts whenever we can make a contribution to investor's understanding of conditions.

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ETF 'Inside Secrets of Investing' Blog  

'Inside Secrets of Investing' Blog

Providing you with actionable, ETF-oriented, market-based analysis, research, and educational articles.
The 'Inside Secrets of Investing' blog features a wide variety of resources, from equity, fixed income, and sector analysis, to macroeconomic and fundamental analysis, ETF-related subjects, evergreen articles, and insider tips for successful investing.

Visit our blog for accessible articles written for the average investor and covering the subjects of Exchange Traded Funds, quantitative investing, innovative investment approaches, industry developments, the US and world economy, changes in trends that affect your investments, and an array of interesting, insightful articles on a variety of fascinating subjects.

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ETFOptimize Insights  

"ETFOptimize Insights" - Signals from Our Proprietary Indicators

'Insights' provides investors with our unique, data-driven market analysis based on our proprietary, quantitative indicators, and is designed to offer perspective, generate ideas, and keep you informed about what to expect from the investment markets. 'Insights' examines the signals being made by our proprietary indicators, which determine exposure to the market and ETF selection for our Premium Investment Strategies.

At this time, Insights is published intermittently – on an as-needed basis, and in the future will be available as either a monthly or biweekly feature. About one week after their original publication for ETFOptimize Premium Strategy subscribers, we make past issues of Insights available to the public.

To see this data the moment it is released, please subscribe to one of our high-performance ETF-based strategies (starting at only $9 per month or $90 per year).

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Recommended Resources  

ETFOptimize Recommended Resources

We have been vetting investor resources in the cloud since 1998 when we published the world's first e-commerce quantitative investment portfolios w/market analysis available on the internet. With over 40 years of experience as professionals in the investment community, we can vouch for each listing's high level of quality, expertise, and accuracy – top-notch features that our team – and all discerning, motivated investors – demand. These listings provide the contact information and pertinent details for the companies, websites, products, and experts whom we can wholeheartedly recommend to our clients and customers based on our positive experience with these resources.

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