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'ETFOptimize Products for Professionals' is designed for Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds, Pension Funds, Retirement Funds, RIAs, Investment Advisors, Institutional Investors, and individual investors with portfolios of more than $5 Million


To meet the needs of professional fund managers and significant-volume individual investors, we offer two professional solutions:

A) Professional Versions of Our Existing Products utilize ETF universes with greater liquidity to accommodate the larger trades required by professional investors or fund managers. Also, the Professional Versions of our strategies produce increased performance to meet the demands placed on professionals to produce satisfactory post-fee returns. We carefully balance higher returns with other aspects of our investment systems, such as trade frequency or maximum drawdown.

If you sign up for the Professional Version of our existing models, you will receive a password-protected website URL dedicated to your customized strategy subscription. You will be the only entity outside our firm that can access this secure, password-protected URL of your Professional Version model.

The cost for the professional versions of our current models for individual investors applies a premium to our current public pricing for Retail Investors. This cost is usually 7-10 times the monthly or annual fee for our strategies for individual investors. For details and a price quote, please provide the information requested at this link.

B) ETFOptimize Bespoke Strategy:  The ETFOptimize Strategy Design team has 50 years of combined experience constructing custom algorithmically based quantitative strategies. We can build a needs-driven, rules-based model(s) built from the ground up to meet your specific objectives.

Our customized strategies offer varied approaches to meet your needs. These range from a complete, integrated set of multiple uncorrelated strategies using diversified models (similar to our six-model Ultimate Combo Strategy) – to a single individual model created to fill a specific gap in your portfolio-management needs, enhancing/balancing your existing position-selection and overall portfolio-management approach. For example, we can carefully examine your model for robustness using multiple, proven stress tests – and build a custom strategy that will fill gaps, enhance returns with less volatility and greater consistency.

We will initially construct the strategy using the platform. However, we can port your custom strategy to your preferred programming/platform choice (i.e., Tradestation, Metatrader, Python, R, and others) for an additional fee to compensate for the time required. The cost for platform membership is not included in the price we quote. However, this aspect is usually well within the budget of higher-volume investors.

Retainer: We require 50% of the quoted cost to begin developing your Bespoke Strategy, with the balance due upon completion. The total cost for a turnkey quantitative strategy depends on the complexity involved and your performance objectives. Included in this cost, your strategy's designer is available to provide training for use, resolve any concerns, and answer questions for six months after the delivery of your model. After the first six months, we offer continuing consulting and regular model updates with an annual retainer.

You will own your custom strategy and its integrated algorithms forever. We guarantee in writing that this custom model is built exclusively for your use, substantively different from any other investment strategy we have constructed, including copyright owned by you. This policy assures you that you/your firm your model's specific approach.

We base the different approaches developed and their integration into a single, diversified model on interviews with you or your designated staff – combined with our Robustness/Gap testing of your existing model(s) during the strategy design stage.

The ETFOptimize team working on your project has a combined 50+ years in building and operating quantitative strategies for well-known investment firms such as Goldman-Sachs, Merrill-Lynch, Drexel Burnham Lambert, Orion Capital, Inc., Optimized Investments, Inc., and others.

We can also discuss targeting higher performance levels than our current public strategies if you desire. There are well-established pros and cons associated with attaining a consistently higher portfolio performance. We design our currently available models for Individual Investors to maximize Holding Time and minimize Drawdowns – with both aspects balanced with better-than-average Annual Returns. We will discuss the details of the relationships between these factors and come to a mutually agreed approach once you have contracted for our services.

To get started with #1) a Professional Strategy Version, or #2) a custom, turnkey, Bespoke investment model explicitly designed to meet your needs, please submit the information requested in the instructions below:


Initial Contact Request for a
Pro-Level or Bespoke ETFOptimize Strategy

If you are managing the investment funds of others or are an individual investor with a portfolio of $5 million or more, please contact us via a Support Ticket to obtain details and a price quote on a #1) Pro-Level or #2) Bespoke Strategy (discussed above).. In your message, please include the following information:

1) Your name,
2) Your title (if with a firm),
3) Your company name (if applicable)
4) The type of company/investment firm you represent (or 'wealthy individual');
5) Your phone number, email address, physical address, and other contact information;
6) the total amount of funds (in dollars) you are managing for yourself or clients;
7) the approximate amount (in dollars) you anticipate managing using your ETFOptimize systematic strategy (upon satisfaction/confidence in its performance);
8) if an advisory firm, the number of years your firm has been managing client's funds;
9) the total number of your clients
10) the product you are interested in – either #A) an enhanced existing model for Pros, or #B) a fully customized Bespoke Professional model, and
11) any other information you believe is pertinent and may be impactful for our review and approval.

Please create your Support Ticket, including the above information at this link: Support Ticket



We look forward to hearing from you and building a customized configuration that meets your needs!

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