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ETFOptimize for Professionals – including Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds, Pension Funds, Retirement Funds, RIAs, and other Institutional Investors or Investment Advisors – or Individual Investors with Portfolios of more than $10 Million:


If you are a Professional Money Manager, a multi-client Investment Advisor, or an Individual Investor with a portfolio of $10 million or more, we ask you to NOT use the subscriptions listed in our Premium Strategies for retail investors shown here. If you are an Investment Advisor, Money Manager, or have a portfolio of more than $10M, we would like you to contact us to get a special strategy quote. The reason is that large trades can sometimes move the prices on the smaller ETFs included in the retail-investor-oriented ETF universes we use in our publicly available strategies, which we want to avoid.

Professional Money Managers and individual investors managing substantial amounts can receive personalized subscriptions and costs, refined to meet the needs of high-volume investors, including custom ETF-based universes that are customized to easily accommodate your higher-dollar transaction requirements.


1) Professional Versions of Our Exiting Products utilize ETF universes with higher liquidity minimums, customized for your needs. Higher-volume ETFs can provide the ability to move in and out of positions without significantly impacting the price and/or requiring elaborately staged fills and transaction approaches that can reduce the profits you attain. Setting up a custom model with higher liquidity minimums can eliminate these limitations.

If you sign up for the Professional Version of our Existing Products, you will receive a password-protected website URL dedicated to your customized strategy. Outside of our firm, you will be the only person/company that can access your customized version of our current, publicly available models.

The cost for the customized, higher-volume versions of our current models applies a premium to our existing public pricing for Retail Investors, but it is significantly less costly than a fully customized strategy discussed in #2 below.
For details and a price quote, please follow these instructions.

2) Turnkey Customized Strategies: ETFOptimize also offers Fully Customized, Rules-Based Models built from the ground up to meet your specific objectives. These can be anything from a complete, integrated set of uncorrelated strategies using a diversified set of approaches (similar to our Ultimate Combo Strategy), or an individual model designed to fill gaps and enhance/balance your existing position-selection and portfolio-management systems. Before delivery, we carefully examine your model for robustness using multiple, proven stress tests.

We can construct your custom strategy using your preferred programming language (i.e., Python, R, etc.) or platform (i.e., Portfolio123, Tradestation, Metatrader, etc.). Note: We first build all strategies on the Portfolio123 platform, which is where we recommend that you use them to avoid unnecessary complications and limitations. However, if you cover the costs for the time involved, we can also port your custom P123 algorithmic strategy to the language/platform of your choice. The cost for a Portfolio123 or other platform (Tradestation, Metastock, etc.) membership is not included in the price we quote. However, this aspect is usually well within the budget of high-volume investors.

Retainer: A retainer of 50% of the quoted cost is required to begin developing your Turnkey Custom Strategy, with the balance due upon completion. The total cost for a turnkey quantitative strategy that provides robust profits in all market conditions ranges from $10,000 to $150,000, depending on the complexity involved and your performance objectives. Included in this cost, your custom quantitative strategy designer is available for online training to resolve issues and answer any questions for the first six months after the delivery of your model. After six months, continuing consultation that includes regular model updates is available with an annual retainer.

Note: The highest cost referenced ($150k) is an estimate for the time involved in building and thoroughly testing a Multi-Approach Strategy that integrates four to eight uncorrelated investment approaches into a robust Master Strategy, similar to the ULTIMATE 6-Model (9 ETF) COMBO Strategy we offer to Retail Investors with portfolios of less than $10M.

The specific approaches and integration of those approaches into a single model will be based on interviews with you/your firm during the strategy design stage. The team you will have working on your project have a combined 50+ years in designing and operating quantitative investment strategies with well-known investment firms such as Goldman-Sachs, Merrill-Lynch, Drexel Burnham Lambert, and others.

We can also discuss targeting higher expected performance levels than our current public strategies if this is something you desire. There are pros and cons, but our current publicly available strategies are designed to maximize holding time and minimize drawdowns for the average retail investor – both aspects balanced with reasonable Annual Returns.

To get started with a custom, turnkey, quantitative model explicitly designed for your needs, please Contact Us using the instructions provided below:


Get a Quote for a Professional-Level Investment Strategy

If you represent an institutional investment organization or are an individual investor with a portfolio of $10 million or more,
please contact us via a Support Ticket for a price quote. In your message, please include the following information:
a) Your name,
b) Your title,
c) Your company name,
d) The type of company you represent,
e) Your phone number with the best time to reach you,
f) the total amount you are managing (AUM), in dollars,
g) the product you are interested in – from #1 or #2 above, and
h) any other information you believe is pertinent.

Please create your Support Ticket at this link:

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We look forward to hearing from you and building a customized product configuration that meets your needs!

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