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A carefully crafted quantitative investment strategy can virtually eliminate profit-destroying drawdowns and provide you with dramatically improved performance  – Discover how

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ETFOptimize provides self-directed investors with high-performance, ETF investment strategies available by low-cost subscription. Since our founding in 1998, our quantitative models have provided many thousands of clients the benefit of steady, market-beating profits regardless of conditions. On average, the collective Annualized Return of our models is more than QUADRUPLE the S&P 500's performance, while Maximum Drawdowns are reduced to an average of just -11.30% /yr. Never a money-losing year; collectively, 66 of 66 consecutive winning years.


Apply a Modern, Systematic Approach to Your Investments

ETFOptimize has ushered in a new era of profitable ETF investing. Our sophisticated models, which combine macroeconomic assessment, evaluation of market-internals, and fundamental sector/industry measures into a single, comprehensive assessment system, is a first for any financial-services firm of which we are aware. Each of our investment strategies gives you robust portfolio gains with minimal drawdowns in virtually any market environment. Whether conditions are bullish or bearish, trending higher or lower, the ETFOptimize strategies produce sound gains year after year.*

Below are the impressive average performance stats across our suite of strategies:

Collective Average Annual Return %

Collective Winning Years %

Avg Annual Maximum Drawdown %

The investment world is in the midst of an enormous transition of historic proportions. This transformation, the most massive migration of money in the history of humankind, is the movement of investors from actively managed products such as individual stocks and mutual funds to passive investments, with $1.4 trillion moving into index-based Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in 2018 alone.

Billions of $ Invested in ETFs in 2018

Billions of $ Out of Active Mutual Funds in 2018

Trillions of $ forecast invested in ETFs by 2025

Combining decades of experience in investment-strategy design with today's advanced hardware and software capabilities, since 1998 we have provided investors with highly profitable, subscription quantitative investment strategies. With a combined five decades of experience in the investment industry, our system-designers have constructed an innovative suite of low-risk, high-return ETF-based investment strategies to serve your needs. Visit our ETF Investment Strategy Suite and you're sure to find a strategy that's right for you!

Combined years of strategy designer's investment experience

Years providing systematic investment strategies

Investors served since 1998

The ETFOptimize Advantage

Now you can benefit from an honest-to-goodness breakthrough in the world of investing – a legitimate paradigm shift, made possible by the application of an innovative approach and state-of-the-art technological resources to the challenges of noisy, volatile financial markets.

ETFOptimize is a pioneer in designing quantitative, algorithmic investment strategies for self-guided investors. What makes our strategies unique and so successful is that we have isolated 38 different, high-correlation factors derived from multiple time series... (continue reading...)

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• CONTINUOUS PORTFOLIO GROWTH:  Enjoy consistent asset growth – whether the market is bullish or bearish – trending higher or lower. Our strategies have an average Annual Return of 26.79% since inception (range of 18% to 36%) and collectively, have been profitable in 73 of 77 years since inception.

• SIGNIFICANT DRAWDOWNS ARE ELIMINATED:  When a hard selloff or bear market strikes, your strategy has already switched to cash or the optimum defensive ETF and continues logging profits. The average annual Max Drawdown (avg. peak to trough decline) is reduced to just -11.50%! That means your portfolio doesn't need to spend years getting back to even after a severe decline, as occurred for millions of investors after the Financial Crisis in 2008-2009. All of the ETFOptimize portfolios were profitable during that recession, producing 250%-plus gains while most investors were struggling to get back to even (0%).

• EXCEPTIONAL RISK-ADJUSTED RETURNS: Our quantitative ETF-selection models analyze as many as 38 different data series to identify the appropriate market exposure and optimum ETF to own at any given time. The result is consistently robust performance regardless of the market environment. In fact, the ETFOptimize strategies have an average Risk-Adjusted Ruturn across all models of 2.11,* compared to the S&P 500 at 0.73.

Select an ETFOptimize strategy that's right for your needs, and experience the confidence and peace-of-mind you'll get from an investment system that's consistently profitable.

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Which Works Best?

Today, more than $1 Trillion is flowing each year into passive investment vehicles, including Index Funds and (primarily) Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), replacing the investment type that has dominated the market for decades: Mutual Funds. 

Mutual Funds have been the go-to investment for America's hands-off individual investors who are far from experts about the investment world, but who want to make their assets grow to achieve a comfortable retirement at the end of their working years. For more than 100 years, Mutual Funds were the choice of corporate America's HR departments in what they offered to employees in an 'approved' investment that the company would also contribute to on the employee's behalf.

So what's the difference between Mutual Funds, Index Funds, and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)? More importantly, which one is the best vehicle to use for saving/investing for retirement? In this article, we'll examine each of these popular investment vehicles and compare the advantages and disadvantages of each. We'll also discuss a unique advantage that is exclusive to Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), which allows them to produce a return that is more than quadruple the return of the S&P 500 – with far less volatility and risk.

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