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SELECTION INSTRUCTIONS: How you react to downside volatility is, perhaps, the most consequential factor that determines your long-term investing success. You may believe, with 100% confidence, that...

Fixed income-1


Annual Return: 15.82%
Max Drawdown: -7.71%
Risk-adjusted Ratio (Sharpe): 1.41
Risk-adj'd Ratio (Sortino): 2.74
Rec'd. Experience Level: ANY

Consistent profitability, with a near-straight-line 15% AR and max-DD of only -7.17% since inception...

Asset Allocation-2-2: S&P 500-Multi/Fixed Income-2

ASSET ALLOCATION: Dynamically Levered S&P500 / Fixed Income (2 ETF) Combination

Annual Return: 24.06%
Max Drawdown: -21.21%
Risk-adjusted Ratio (Sharpe): 1.56

Risk-adjusted Ratio (Sortino): 2.23
Rec'd. Experience Level: ANY

A two-asset combo of S&P 500-based ETFs and Fixed-Income ETFs provides strong upside with minimal drawdowns...

Asset Allocation-2-4:Equity/Fixed Income

ASSET ALLOCATION: Optimal Equity & Fixed Income (4 ETF) Combination

Annual Return: 29.47%
Max Drawdown: -22.82%
Risk-adjusted Ratio (Sharpe): 1.48
Risk-adjusted Ratio (Sortino): 2.16
Rec'd. Experience Level: Medium

This two-asset strategy combines two optimum Equity ETFs with two optimum Fixed-Income ETFs at any given time...

Equity Rotation-2

OPTIMAL EQUITY ROTATION: Dynamically Leveraged Long Equity
(2 ETFs)

Annual Return: 35.25%
Max Drawdown: -26.33%
Risk-adjusted Ratio (Sharpe): 1.45
Risk-adjusted ratio (Sortino): 2.13
Rec'd. Experience Level: Higher

Using standard and leveraged Equity ETF's, this strategy produces our highest returns with moderate DD's...

S&P 500 Aggressive-1

S&P 500 AGGRESSIVE STRATEGY: Dynamically-Leveraged Bull/Bear Combination (1 ETF)

Annual Return: 28.50%
Max Drawdown: -25.55%
Risk-adjusted Ratio (Sharpe): 1.46
Risk-adjusted Ratio (Sortino): 1.97
Rec'd. Experience Level: Higher

A combo of five S&P 500-based leveraged and inverse ETF's and cash generates exceptional returns...

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