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PERFORMANCE: The ETFOptimize Investment Strategies utilize passive, index-based Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), but then add a slight bit of trading activity (an average of just three trades per year) as they optimize for changes in the market's regime – from expansion to correction, correction to contraction and back to expansion – always anticipating stock-market directional changes and moving to the optimum ETF to hold for current and future conditions. No other service automatically analyzes this many critical market drivers – giving you (no hyperbole here) unprecedented performance with peace-of-mind.

As a result of these minimal trades, you get dramatically improved performance – on average, more than five times the return of the S&P 500 with less than one-third of its drawdowns during corrections and bear markets. During long, contractionary periods such as the Financial Crisis, many of our strategies will give you robust gains while other investors are losing substantial sums. Take advantage of our leading-edge, automated systems that give you robust performance with downside protection. (Continue reading to learn more about our strategy's performance)...

Strategies Listed in Order of Recommended Experience Level
(Least experience required starting on top-left and proceeding right, by row):

SELECTION INSTRUCTIONS: How you react to downside volatility is, perhaps, the most consequential factor that determines your long-term investing success. Therefore, we use a well-regarded measure of a strategy's downside risk to (continue reading)...

Fixed income-1

(1 ETF) Strategy – Conservative Gains w/Dividends

Annual Return: 13.79%
Max Drawdown: -7.71%
Risk-adjusted Ratio (Sortino): 2.32
Risk Rank: 1 - (lowest)
Rec'd. Experience Level: ANY
Subscription: $19/mo

Consistent profitability, with a near-45-degree-straight-line 15% Annual Return and max-DD of only -9.17%...

Asset Allocation-2-2: S&P 500-Multi/Fixed Income-2

ASSET ALLOCATION: Dynamically Levered S&P500 / Fixed Income (2 ETF) Combination

Annual Return: 26.96%
Max Drawdown: -21.48%
Risk-adjusted Ratio (Sortino): 2.22
Risk Rank: 2 - (2nd lowest)
Rec'd. Experience Level: Not Beginner
Subscription: $19/mo

A two-asset combo of S&P 500-based ETFs and Fixed-Income ETFs provides strong upside with minimal drawdowns...

S&P 500 Aggressive-1

Dynamically-Leveraged Bull/Bear Combination (1 ETF)

Annual Return: 30.56%
Max Drawdown: -25.55%
Risk-adjusted Ratio (Sortino): 2.14
Risk Rank: 3 - (3rd lowest)
Rec'd. Experience Level: Medium
Subscription: $19/mo

Rotates between one of five S&P 500-based ETF's or a cash-proxy ETF to generate exceptional returns...

Asset Allocation-2-4:Equity/Fixed Income

ASSET ALLOCATION: Optimal Equity & Fixed Income (4 ETF) Combination

Annual Return: 29.10%
Max Drawdown: -22.17%
Risk-adjusted Ratio (Sortino): 2.13
Risk Rank: 4 - (4th lowest)
Rec'd. Experience Level: 2+ Years
Subscription: $19/mo

This two-asset strategy combines two optimum Equity ETFs with two optimum Fixed-Income ETFs at any given time...

Equity Rotation-2

Dynamically Leveraged Long Equity (2 ETFs)

Annual Return: 33.56%
Max Drawdown: -26.33%
Risk-adjusted ratio (Sortino): 2.05
Risk Rank: 5 - (highest)
Rec'd. Experience Level: 5+ Years
Subscription: $19/mo

Using standard and leveraged Equity ETF's, this strategy produces our highest returns with relatively mild declines...

More Strategies Coming in the Future!

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