The ETFOptimize Advantage

 The ETFOptimize Advantage


The ETFOptimize Advantage

Now you can take advantage of an honest-to-goodness breakthrough in the world of investing – a legitimate paradigm shift, made possible by applying state-of-the-art technological resources to the challenges of volatile financial markets. The result is a service with a combination of features that we believe checks off, perhaps for the first time, virtually every item on the 'Investor's Wish List' – a catalog of the top desires that investors have for the 'optimum investment portfolio.' First, let us take a moment to tell you about our firm and how we answer the needs of investors.

ETFOptimize is a leader in the design of quantitative investment strategies for self-managed investors. Our carefully-crafted investment systems have been built by designers who have decades of experience in investing and the construction of proven, profitable investment strategies – as opposed to academics or PhDs who frequently have never purchased shares in their lives. As a result of our designer's experience, clients get the benefit of investment returns that are exceptional, with limited drawdowns and consistent profitability year after year. 

We are proud to have provided quantitative investment strategies to thousands of successful individual investors since 1998 and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau without a single complaint in all those years. Our dedication to your success, backed by a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee, ensures that you will finally be able to achieve your investing goals.


In 2001, we began conducting surveys each year of hundreds of investors on a variety of subjects, including their needs and frustrations related to investment guidance, newsletter, and services that provide investment recommendations. By December 2017, we had surveyed more than 5,000 investors and found that their desires for the 'perfect investment portfolio' might vary a bit from one person to the next, but virtually everyone seemed to agree that an investment/service having a number of certain characteristics would be highly desirable. From these surveys, we constructed what we call the "Investor's Wish List," made of the top-rated desires of investors.

Please have a look at our list and see if you agree that the items on it would be on your 'Wish List':

Investor's Wish List


ETFOptimize has built these exact features into each our strategies. Each and every one of the items on the Investor's Wish List above is provided by the strategies in our ETF Investment Strategy Suite!

As mentioned in #9 above, on average our strategies produce more than 3.5 times the long-term return of the market (S&P 500). And as in #2 above, depending on the strategy selected, there is an average of 2 to 7.2 months between trades. For many investors, and perhaps best of all, #12 above says "never a money-losing year" and that's exactly what you get with the ETFOptimize Investment Strategies. Since inception, through all backtests, and in real-time, our strategies have never lost money in any calendar year, even during the Financial Crisis in 2008-2009.


Combining decades of experience in investment-strategy design with today's advanced computer capabilities, state-of-the-art databases, and an innovative programming approach, ETFOptimize has shocked the investment industry by offering – for the first time ever – a set of ETF ranking and selection systems that utilize as many as 28 different time-series, including macroeconomic indicators, market internals, stock fundamentals, and instant analysis of the performance of critical segments of the market to determine the intermediate-term direction of equities, fixed income, and other investments.

Each of our strategies includes a Ranking System component that takes into consideration a plethora of macroeconomic and fundamental factors when determining the most profitable ETF to own at any given time. This robust, sophisticated approach to ETF selection is a first for any quantitative strategy provider, investment advisor, fund manager or website of which we are aware. By combining what may be the two most valuable investment ideas (ETFs and quantitative strategies) of the modern era together with an innovative, breakthrough approach that turbocharges returns in all market environments, we offer an investment product that checks every box on an investor's wish list.

This approach offers a quantum leap in portfolio performance over competitor's ETF-rotation strategy offerings...

Our approach offers a quantum leap in portfolio performance over comparable subscription-strategy offerings that depend on just one, or at most just two or three indicators for determining market exposure and asset selection (most subscription strategies use momentum harvesting alone). The result of this more sophisticated and advanced approach is that ETFOptimize provides a selection of more highly profitable, more consistently robust investment strategies from which investors can choose to meet their wealth-accumulation needs.


Our carefully engineered Ranking Systems are designed to select the optimum ETF to hold at any given time, whether stocks are in a bull market, bear market, or during volatile, sideways conditions. The objective of each strategy is always to select the ETF that will produce the highest risk-adjusted return that is possible for the conditions. By that, we mean achieving the maximum upside performance with the minimal downside risk. We accomplish this goal by building some innovative programming into our ranking systems.

We use several sophisticated ranking systems in our strategies, an example being our "Multi-500: 8 Factor" Ranking System which is used in the S&P 500 Aggressive Strategy. The function of a ranking system in quantitative investment analysis is to place a universe of ETFs (or stocks) in a sequentially ordered, composite series. The ETF's rank in the series is determined by the system designer's objective and is limited only by the factors available and the designer's imagination. In practice, this can be nearly infinite in number.

The Multi-500: 8 Factor Ranking System quantifies eight groups of market internals, stock fundamentals, and econometric relationships. We assign a weighting and numeric value to a total of 28 time-series and convert each into a composite score for each ETF in a strategy's universe.

On a weekly basis, our Multi-500: 8-Factor Ranking System performs an analysis of dozens of criteria in these categories:


8-Factor Ranking System



Our suite of turnkey, quantitative model strategies relies on advanced technology to generate quantitative ranking and timing systems that automatically assess the market and economic conditions to select the optimum ETF to hold in a portfolio at any point in time. There is an important difference between the ETFOptimize strategies and other ETF-based, adaptive asset-allocation strategies that are available from some large investment advisory companies, a few brokers, and a handful of independent websites. The difference is in the breadth of data and sophistication of signals the ETFOptimize systems use to make well-informed decisions.

Most strategies provided by other companies rely on one, perhaps two, and very rarely three or more indicators or 'factors.' Academics have identified these factors in studies going back decades and typically focus on value, momentum, size, or quality of the companies that are being screened. However, ETF-based investing involves the analysis of comprehensive indices of various market segments, sectors, industries, countries, etc. And each index consists of dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of individual companies. What's unique about investment markets is the significant number of factors that can affect any given part of the market. 

The other systematic ETF-strategy providers of which we are aware base their ETF selection on momentum or technical signals such as moving-average crossovers. The reason is that these factors can be easily identified based on daily price data alone.

However, ETFOptimize has a unique advantage because the custom, Wall-Street quality databases we utilize allow us to assess every company in an index on many thousands of factors or formulas. For example, our computers might instantly analyze each of the 2,000 companies in the iShares Russell 2000 ETF (IWM) and rank them sequentially based on a formula such as Enterprise Value-to-Cash Flow (EV/CF). For that ETF could be ranked against dozens of others upon which the same analysis is instantaneously completed.  

Also, ETFOptimize is using macroeconomic signals such as unemployment, interest rates, industrial production, etc. for market analysis and ranking of ETFs. The sophisticated factors we use and proprietary algorithms we have built provide far more accurate and robust timing and selection signals than any other ETF-selection advisory service we know.


Our suite of subscription ETF-based strategies relies on advanced algorithms using quantitative ranking and sophisticated timing systems that automatically assess a variety of measures of the conditions of the market and the economy, resulting in the selection of the optimum ETF to hold in a portfolio at any given time.

Within the parameters of the different investment approaches, the objective of each strategy is to achieve the maximum risk-adjusted returns. By that we mean the highest possible portfolio performance that is achievable with the least amount of drawdown, volatility, and to put it in human terms... well, the least amount of stress.

Each week our sophisticated ETF-rotation models combine the systematic analysis of nearly three-dozen proven financial market 'tells' with multiple, state-of-the-art econometric and asset-specific databases to create smooth, high-return investment performance through any kind of market environment – bullish, bearish, or sideways and volatile. Whatever drama is occurring in the market is irrelevant, because the ETFOptimize strategies produce consistent profits, month after month – year after year.

The average annual return for our Suite of ETF Strategies ranges from 15% to 35% compound growth per year (since inception), depending on the strategy selected. For 2017, the average return for these model portfolios was 39.47%, which is more than double the return of the market (18.74%), as represented by the S&P 500. Perhaps best of all, 100% of all years are profitable for each of our strategies since inception. On average, maximum drawdowns of the strategies amount to less than about one-quarter of the worst drawdowns of the overall market, and risk-adjusted returns (which consider downturns) are nearly off-the-charts, with an average Sharpe ratio of 1.48 and an average Sortino ratio of 2.22.

An example of one of our strategies is our performance-leading Optimized Equity Rotation (2 ETF) Strategy, which we discuss next...


Our Optimized Equity Rotation (2 ETF) Strategy, (shown below) produces the highest performance available from our Suite of ETF Strategies with an average annual return of 35% since inception. The strategy regularly chooses the top two equity-based ETFs from a universe of 216, well-vetted equity ETFs. In 2017, the performance of the strategy accelerated, and it produced a return of 64%, with a drawdown of just -6%. While the S&P 500 delivered an exceptional return of about 18% in 2017, our Optimized Equity Rotation strategy tripled that performance!

Asset Allocation-2-4-eq-fixed
Our Optimal Equity Rotation (2 ETF) Strategy shows an average return of 35% since inception in 2006 with a return of 76% last year. See details.

Notice from its chart (above) the Optimized Equity Rotation (2 ETF) Strategy's steady climb higher (red line, top window) occurred without a significant profit-destroying drawdown (including during the Financial Crisis). Whenever economic and market conditions drop below a certain threshold, this strategy sells its ETF positions and moves to cash, resulting in a total return that is more than 17-times higher than the S&P 500's performance (blue line).

The total return for the strategy from July 1, 2006 to present is 3,139%. During that 11.5-year span, this strategy turned every $100k invested into more than $3 million. The "Optimized Equity Rotation (2 ETF) Strategy" is just one example of the many choices in our Suite of ETF Investment Strategies, ensuring there's an approach that is perfect for every investor's wealth-building objectives.

As shown by the chart below, in the last 12 months our Optimized Equity Rotation (2 ETF) Strategy's pace of gains accelerated, with a return for the last year of 74.52% (while SPY, the S&P 500 ETF, gained 25.92%). During the previous year, this very high-return strategy had a maximum drawdown of just -6.09%. That's a very high risk-reward ratio, as reflected in the strategy's amazing 2017 Sharpe Ratio of 4.32.

Our Optimal Equity Rotation Strategy produced a return of 74.52% in the last 12 months (as of Jan 2018), triple the return of the S&P 500 (25.92%). See details.

The combination of protection against market turbulence and significant downturns, combined with the exceptional performance that results from selecting the optimum equity ETF at all times, provides an unbeatable performance package for investors seeking the highest, most consistent returns.


We make it effortless for you to accumulate profits with ETF investing.  With the high performance and low drawdowns our strategies provide, why would an investor spend time incessantly seeking the slightest edge to try and beat the market with individual stocks (and then get losses as often as gains)? Or allow a mutual fund manager to make repeated money-losing mistakes, when you can sit back, relax, and await the ETFOptimize signals – while getting much higher returns with much lower drawdowns in the process? By rotating between just a few ETFs a year with two-to-seven months between trades, our subscribers are getting returns that on average, are more than TRIPLE the market's performance.

Our model strategies are straightforward to use for non-professional investors because they hold just 1-4 positions at a time and don't rely on the rapid churning of trades to generate their outstanding gains. While each portfolio is updated and signals are automatically assessed each week to respond to changes in conditions rapidly, the rotation of the ETF(s) held in the portfolios occur with an average of 2 to 7.3 months between trades (depending on the strategy). Each approach uses ETFs that are pre-screened for issuer stability and liquidity, allowing them to accommodate any size of a transaction and any size portfolio.

For example, our Asset Allocation: Equity/Fixed Income (4 ETF) Combo Strategy holds positions for an average of 5.3 months. That combination includes two Equity ETFs being owned for an average of 66 days (about 3.3 months), while it holds the two Fixed Income ETFs an average of 146.75 market sessions (approximately 7.34 months).

The low-cost, ETFOptimize Premium Strategy subscriptions provide you with detailed weekly updates for each strategy. The strategy pages are updated to show precisely the performance the model is achieving, combined with clear trade signals that provide details of which ETFs to buy or sell and when to make your trades to attain the highest return from each investment.

Learn the secret of turning $10k into more than $300 million as you save for retirement.

Each of our low-cost, ETF-based investment strategies include clear Trade Signals sent to subscribers on the weekend, whenever a strategy recommends a new transaction, including detailed buy/sell instructions and a profile of the ETF(s) purchased. Subscribers also receive weekly Strategy Updates including comprehensive performance statistics with current and historical trade details, and our ETFOptimize Market Report©, a highly regarded resource that provides insightful market analysis, all published on a weekly basis. Also, we regularly post content to our Investment Strategy Blog and educational and proprietary research material to our ETF Investment Academy section and make this content available to our subscribers first.

ETFOptimize subscribers receive this entire package for just $19.95 per month. We earn our living by providing our customers with innovative and highly effective investment strategies – and through the success of those strategies, our customers reward us with decades of loyalty. Our marketing approach is not to spend millions of dollars on advertising in trying to convince a skeptical public to buy a marginal product. Instead, we have built an enormous army of enthusiastic customer-advocates who promote our service through grassroots word-of-mouth referral. As a result, our overhead costs are meager and we pass that savings on to you.


Every ETFOptimize strategy subscription is backed by a 60-day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee. We promise that you'll be thrilled with the results you get, or just ask and we'll return your first two monthly subscription charges. This is an iron-clan assurance that you can try any of the ETFOptimize investment strategies risk-free and discover just how well they perform in real time. Unlike expensive investment advisories and mutual funds that never meet your expectations, once you witness the outstanding, long-term growth of your principle when using our strategies, we think you'll be convinced to keep your inexpensive ETFOptimize subscription for many years to come.  Learn more about our high-performance, turnkey ETF strategies...

See our Suite of ETF-based Strategies


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