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ETF Investment Strategy Suite

ETF Investment Strategy Suite

Visit our ETF Investment Strategy Suite to examine our selection of high-profit, low-volatility, ETF-based strategies.

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'ETFOptimize Market Report'

Each week, thousands of investors turn to our 'ETFOptimize Market Report' for for timely, insightful market analysis.

A Generational Shift in the Investment World

A Generational Shift in Investing

There is a historic, herculean transformation taking place in the investment world, and it will soon affect you (if it hasn't already).

Explore the Many Advantages of ETFs

Explore the Many Advantages of ETFs

Today, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are the investment of choice, leaving individual stocks far behind... and for good reason.

What We Do

ETFOptimize is the leading provider of High-Performance ETF Strategies for use with your own account


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Achieve Your Investment Goals

ETFOptimize has achieved a breakthrough in rules-based ETF strategy design by utilizing more than two dozen economic and market-related parameters in our systematic, ETF-selection algorithms. This multi-faceted method provides you with uncomparably robust portfolio gains in all market environments. Below you see the average performance stats across our selection of strategies:

10-Year Avg Return %

12-Month Avg Return %

Avg Max Drawdown %

The investment world is in the midst of an enormous generational shift. This transformation, the largest the industry has seen in more than a century, is the massive migration of investors from actively managed products such as individual stocks and mutual funds to passive investments, with $874 billion moving into index-based Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in 2017 alone.

Billions of $ Invested in ETFs in 2017

Billions of $ Out of Active Mutual Funds in 2017

Trillions of $ forecast in ETFs by 2025

Combining decades of experience in investment-strategy design with today's advanced hardware and software capabilities, since 1998 we have provided investors with highly profitable investment strategies. With a combined 60 years of experience in the industry, our designers have built an innovative suite of low-risk, high-return ETF-based investment strategies to serve your needs.

Combined years of strategy designer's investment experience

Years providing systematic investment strategies

Investors served since 1998

The ETFOptimize Advantage

Now you can benefit from an honest-to-goodness breakthrough in the world of investing – a legitimate paradigm shift, made possible by the application of an innovative approach and state-of-the-art technological resources to the challenges of noisy, volatile financial markets.

ETFOptimize is a pioneer in designing quantitative, rules-based investment strategies that you can trade using your own account. Users get the advantage of systems that... (continue reading...)

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The Benefits of Using an ETFOptimize Strategy

• Enjoy consistent portfolio growth – whether the market is bullish, bearish, or sideways and volatile. Our strategies have an average return of 26% over the prior 10 years and an average 40% return in the last 12 months (when our top strategy produced a 65% return).
• You'll no longer need to be concerned when the market enters a downturn; our strategies have already switched to positions that are earning profits by the time most investors realize the danger (our strategies have never experienced a money-losing year).
• You'll take advantage of an automatic/systematic assessment of dozens of economic and market indicators 'behind the scenes,' providing you with profitable trades month after month.
• Your portfolio will consist of just 1-3 securities, yet you'll still obtain abundant diversity (because each ETF holds hundreds or thousands of individual company stocks).
• Low Turnover – on average, trades occur with 2-6 months between transactions.
• Low Drawdowns – less than 1/4 the drawdowns of market indices.

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